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"surprises with an innovative and most uncomed satire... It is enjoyable and great fun, neat and incredibly clever thought and done."            BAROMETERN, 2016 


"takes the role of the clown to new dimensions ... here it is allowed to be ugly and odd while the compulsion to be comfortable and appealing is thrown aside... crazy, humorous and high level of skill." VÄSTERBOTTENS KURIREN, 2018

With a large dose of physical comedy, flexible bodies and hairy creations, M.P.A.C. creates a clown show for the 21st century.

HAIRY TALES is about head hair and body hair - shaved, overgrown, dyed and lost. By putting standards of hair under the microscope and sharing personal experiences, a comic story is revealed on the boundary between theater, circus and performance art.

"Hairy Tales was just as absurd as it sounds, and in the very best way. It's an adventure not just about the power of hair, but also of daring to be an ugly woman. " HELSINGÖRS DAGBLAD, 2019

"If you did not see Hairy Tales yet, DO IT ! Intelligent feminist punk performance with excellent clowning, a wide diversity of tricks, characters, costumes, comic scenes all better one after the other! A dose of pure laughter. We all need it!" MARIE ANDRÉE ROBITAILLE, 2017

"Body hair at its best."



Created & performed by

Jenny Soddu, Karin Svensson, Kajsa Englund, Camilla Rud

Composer Niki Yrla, FX Ray

Costume Maria Petersson

Wig Lena Jonsson

Technician Marie Lalá Nilsson

Set construction Anthony Cooks

Irish dancing coreography Tove Brolin

Photo (show) Alex Hinchcliffe

Photo (poster) Klara G

Poster Kristina Eriksson

Thanks to Petter Wadsten, Anna Granath,

Stacey Sacks, Elisaa Erävalo

Agent Patricia Franke

HAIRY TALES was created with support from Upplands Väsby kommun, the Stockholm City Department of Culture and the Swedish Arts Council.

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