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”Everything is extraordinarily creative. / What impresses most is the fantastic body control that is displayed.”Sydsvenskan, Oct. 2020

”Your performing arts are filled with so much zest for life against oppression. It takes over the gaze, the room and the interpretive precedence. You create magic and "fart fun" for an audience that will understand that they need you, because their (and my) laughter comes from a pain, a longing and a pride. Exactly those kind of laughs many need to laugh. Keep going. Go ahead.”

- Pelle Hanaeus, Malmö Theatre Academy

"Outstandingly amazing group M.P.A.C.'s self-ironic, Breast in Peace, / We eagerly await what might come next."

- Danstidningen, april 2022

”A fantastic performance! Crazy, skilled and funny!”

- Ed Damron, Expressteatern

"M.P.A.C. plays with our ideas about breasts in a safe and playful way, setting them free in a humorous and feminist way, while clowning, juggling, dancing, doing acrobatics and wildly cool contortionist performances." -, Oct. 2021

"... wonderful to see a work of art that highlights the two fat lumps, anatomically as well as culturally. They are re-examined, to say the least, with both humour and acrobatic wit, and without it becoming shallow or silly. May many teenagers see it.” - Teateravisen DK, 2022

"Since you all skillfully master characters, nuances and movement, you can only guess what work is behind the easy approach. It is deep, human and feminist.”

- Vidisha Mallik, Expressteatern 



Breasts, beloved blend of fat, connective tissue and glands! As clowns, in the tension between cringe and virtuosity, M.P.A.C. explores breasts. What does breasts say about the human condition? Who can show what, where, how?

M.P.A.C. plays with perceptions of breasts to surprise, remove shame, arouse laughter and broaden the view on breasts both in the public and the personal intimate. Through clown, dance and circus M.P.A.C. builds a space of humor and vulnerability, rapture and resistance, tricks and reflection.

Who can show the nipples on the beach? In social media? Elevated on stage in the spotlight? Breasts are too big, too small, too saggy, too sexy, too heavy, too flat, too muscular. Are you breastfeeding here?! Breasts are hidden, missing and mourned. Breasts are a goldmine for four clowns with a punk circus attitude!


By & with: Karin Svensson, Jenny Soddu, Kajsa Englund and Camilla Rud.
Costume design: Maria Peterson
Music: Niki Yrla
Light design, technician: Marie Lalá Nilsson

Photographer: Alex Hinchcliffe

THANKS to Petter Wadsten, Anthony Cooks, Lilja Fredriksson, Patricia Franke and Johanna Stridh.

BREAST IN PEACCE was created with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Region of Stockholm.

In October 2019, M.P.A.C. had a residency, including a work-in-progress, at Karavan - nytt scenrum för cirkus och musik. The residency was a collaboration between Karavan and Baltic Nordic Circus Network and was supported by Region Skåne. Two work-in-progress of BREAST IN PEACE (working title: Bara Bara Bröst) was performed Cirkusmania in February 2020.  M.P.A.C. has subsequently had longer residencies at Teater Tr3 and at Subtopia. It premiered on 15 October 2021 at Inkonst in Malmö.


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